List of Video Games – My Personal PS4 Wishlist


  The main purpose of this article was to keep an updated and live list of video games. Think of it as a personal wishlist of all ”PS4′ (PlayStation 4)’ (PlayStation 4) future titles that have made a blip on my gaming radar, perked my interest and could be a purchase in time.  You will also see the general level of excitement that the title does for me, in the shape of a colorful rating system.  Like everyone else, I have my favorite titles and I just hope that you can determine my gaming traits by the information given and the constantly updated wishlist. 

  I’ve never analyzed myself too deeply when it comes to my own list of video games that I own, not sure what genre I prefer or have a leaning towards either, although I’ve made some significant purchases of “third person perspective” action / adventure game titles if that’s anything to go off for starters.




Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last

Release Date – 2019

Platforms – ‘PS4’ (PlayStation 4), XBOX One, Microsoft Windows OS

Developers – Bugbear Entertainment

Publishers – THQ Nordic

Genre – Racing, Driving, Destruction Derby



  A next generation racing game with a difference, gone is all the chrome, shine and sparkle of a sports car, the advantage of a nitro and the comfort and safety of a car interior.  From the people behind ‘Flatout Ultimate Carnage’ (2007) and other titles, comes a racing and demolition derby game of the highest quality featuring an assortment of tracks, terrain types and vehicles.  The game features different play modes like career and championships as well as the usual camera modes during play.


  The game features a powerful, revolutionary, soft-body damage modeling technique which allows the vehicles to be damaged, bumped and rolled over and from all angles, impacting on the driving and dynamics of the car.  Vehicles can also be tweaked, modified and set-up in depth for races and derbies ahead.  The game features lots of crude, banged and sprayed up rust buckets of different sizes and strengths, as well as challenging novelty vehicles.


Purchase Insights

   I first got a glimpse of this game years ago when it had it’s working title of ‘Next Car Game’, I didn’t even have a ”PS4′ (PlayStation 4)’ (PlayStation 4) back then and was heavily relying on the ‘XBOX360’ for all future releases.  I can remember endlessly watching test videos and footage of the car dynamics, soft-body damage modeling and vehicle control.  I recall seeing a crude, simply created “playground” from the developers which featured grinders, spikes, ramps, swinging balls, tyres etc for the cars to be tested on.


  Being a fan of the demolition derby / racing games over other driving games, I first started out playing this genre on the ‘PS1’ (PlayStation 1) with ‘Destruction Derby’ (1995) from ‘Reflections Interactive’. A sequel followed and then further down the line ‘Flatout Ultimate Carnage’ (2007) made it to my household and this had to do me while I waited patiently for an ”XBOX360” release which never happened.

  Knowing that PC owners had first grabs I was envious but soon heard whispers then facts of a next gen console version to be released. By this time I was already back in the ‘PlayStation’ family and now eagerly await this release.




Assassin’s Creed III Remastered

Release Date – March 2019

Platforms – PS4, XBOX One, Microsoft Windows OS

Developers – Ubisoft Montreal

Publishers – Ubisoft

Genre – Action, Adventure



   In this chapter the story is of Conner, an 18th century Assassin, half English and half Mohawk, whose Father is a Grand Master within the Templar order during the American Revolution. Conner’s story spans from 1760 to 1783, his native village is attacked and so he’s drawn into the ongoing conflict between the Assassin’s and Templars, the latter of which are trying to take control of the newly forming country.

  As well as the Amercian Colonial Frontier, the cities of Boston, New York and Philadelphia can be explored as well as settlements such as Lexington and Concord.


Purchase Insights

   I’ve only recently found out about this remaster and being a fan of the franchise and its stories, its already started to wet my appetite. I’ve already been looking into graphical comparisons between the ‘PS4’ (PlayStation 4) remastered version and the ‘XBOX360’ version which I actually own. This owned title on the ‘XBOX360’ is one of a few that although I’ve got in my collection, the disc hasn’t seen the inside of the drive yet and I’ve had it for erm. . . well. . . a good while.

  Any idea or suggestion to upgrade a current title for enhanced presentation, visuals and features, I’m all in, especially a title I like a lot. I’ve done similar conversions with other titles before.




TSW Train Sim World

Release Date – July 2018

Platforms – PS4, XBOX One, Microsoft Windows OS

Developers – Dovetail Games

Publishers – Dovetail Games

Genre – Train Simulation, Driving



  Become a driver or passenger of a variety of electric, diesel and freight trains and experience a detailed simulation of realistic railway travel. Highly detailed passenger and freight trains are at the players’ disposal to switch on and start up, traveling across vast and various scenery including freight yards, passenger stations, bridges and level crossings. Helpful step by step tutorials guide you over all the switches, handles and dials and sets you objectives to complete as you move through the learning process.


  A variety of scenarios are also accessible to the player immersing them into a realistic, real-time trip to well-known destinations. Players can involve themselves in fully operational, 24 hour timetables or get creative in photo mode and through the many objectives and challenges, gain score based on performance and skill. Each train has detailed specifications and statistics, a different control layout and yet look identical to their real life counterpart and model numbers.

  A very detailed and realistic simulator game title with all the bells and whistles you’d come to expect from next generation HD gaming.


Purchase Insights

  In some small way I’ve always been slightly fascinated by railways, mostly the interweaving tracks, points and signaling system more over the actual trains themselves. I’ve always liked the idea of having a full train system layout in some loft or attic but it never came about. I recall looking at information on tacking down track onto a large wooden board and seeing layouts in magazines that feature spurs and sidings etc.


  In my younger days I wanted to create a working railway from LEGO but relying on each of the sets being brought for me, as well as a silly amount of plastic track, my hobby / dream never came about. I’m not a heavy train or railway enthusiast but the fascination of controlling a train and seeing the track ahead is still there and hence this title has perked my interest. I wouldn’t want to pay a lot for it, nor am I in a rush to get a copy.




Death Stranding

Release Date – November 2019

Platforms – PS4

Developers – Kojima Productions

Publishers – Sony Interactive Entertainment

Genre – Action



   With sketchy information and visuals to go off it seems the story has something to do with the connection between life and deathin an open world action experience.Sources state that the game will focus on the likes of an in depth story and player connections and can be played in a single and multiplayer mode. Kojima has stated that you will cry when you play ‘Death Stranding’ but whether these will be tears of sadness, laughter or confusion, we’ll have to see.


Purchase Insights

  This upcoming title has really got me intrigued, interested and of course, impressed. As with many of you reading this now, I’ve kept away with most media regarding this title apart from the various layered trailers. Kojima is known for his strange and original ideas and stories and so already I’m trying to gauge what this story could be like and what it may have in store. Based solely on trailers and scarce information, the story does seem to have a dark, eerie edge about it but not entirely a survival horror.


  With it being a ‘PlayStation’ exclusive title, looking graphical realistic in all game play, trailers and cut scenes and starring names like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelson is enough for me to show an interest of sorts. The depth of the story and emotional tones in the both the music I’ve heard so far and on screen visuals also rates this game high for me and suits my preferences and genre well.

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