Pandemic: Rising Tide – Cover Art

This image features the box cover artwork and design for the Pandemic: Rising Tide game from Z-Man games. To the left is a female character wearing a brown coat, cap and white straps/braces, she holds a pick-axe of sorts. To the right of her a male character in a berret hat, glasses and dark coat, holding a pen and paper. There are windmills far right, a small sail boat and characters to the bottom-left. The red and yellow “Pandemic” title is bottom-centre and underneath, “Rising Tide” in blue and white. Below the titles the design is all under water and fish are present. The various text on the cover art states, “A Game by Matt Leacock & Jeroen Doumen,” A Stand Alone Pandemic Game,” “Survival Series Limited Edition” and “Z-Man Games.”

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