Pandemic: Iberia – Cover Art

This image features the box cover artwork and design for the Pandemic: Iberia game from Z-Man games. Top-left is a female nurse with black hair, wearing a white head scarf with a red cross on it and white garments. To the right a male character wearing an orange shirt and dark tie, holds a pen and works a microscope. He has dark hair, a curly moustache, beard and chops. Three cogs feature in the top-right with virus cells inside them. The red and yellow “Pandemic” title is in the middle, below it “Iberia” in shades of red, yellow and orange. Behind and below the titles a town, steam train and tiled rooftops. The various text on the cover art states, “A Game by Jesus Torres Castro & Matt Leacock,” “Limited Collector’s Edition” and “Z-Man Games.”

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