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  In 2011 Polish board game publisher, Portal Games released a strategic “worker placement,” economic game that was themed around the cutthroat business world of high fashion and competitive fashion shows.  Each player competes for recognition as the best fashion design company and putting out there some remarkable collections. 

  Only 1,000 copies were ever printed and soon sold out fast, this game soon become known as one of the best thematic fashion designing games on the market at that time.


  Now, in 2019, after nearly a decade, Portal Games have gone about revising this classic for a stunning new and exciting third edition with all new artwork, components, tweaks and revised rulings by the means of a supportive Kickstarter community campaign.  I have touched briefly on this in another article titled, Old West Board Games – Saloon Entertainment for All.





Made to Measure

  Kickstarter is a global, supportive, community funding website that aims to help all manner of musicians, artists, film-makers, designers and other creators make their ideas and projects come to life and take shape.  Since the launch of Kickstarter on 28 April 2009 it has racked up some impressive statistics.  The likes of for example;

Kickstarter Homepage
  • 17 million people have backed presented projects
  • $4.5 billion has been pledged towards projects.
  • 169,211 projects have been funded fully successfully.


  The Kickstarter campaign for the third edition of Pret-a-Porter (which translated means, “ready to wear”) started out on 8 July 2019 and ran until 22 July 2019.  Amazingly and yet not surprisingly the 4,864 campaign backers helped Portal Games to reach their initial $35,000 funding goal very quickly and easily. 


  Being one of the best fashion designing games, even owners of the original 2011 release surely must have been curious about what will be offered up this time around, as well as all the newcomers to the game.  All figures sourced from the Kickstarter campaign screen as of 31 August 2019.


'Pret-a-Porter' Kickstarter Campaign


  Campaign stretch goals were added in order to improve cards and components, create updates and add more value to the finished project.  These stretch goals extended the initial funding to $260,000 and every one of them was met.  It was an outstanding achievement and every Kickstarter campaign backer made it happen no matter what they pledged towards the project.  The Pret-a-Porter Kickstarter campaign was funded in 41 minutes and had a final pledge total of $271,186.


  There were three tiers of pledge for this campaign in order to get in off the ground and running.  You simply could make a pledge small or large as a fan of unique themed games, a follower of Portal Games or just wanting to make a gesture of support to a worthy project.  The minimum to pledge on this tier was $1.

  The second tier was a pledge for $60 or more.  This got you a copy of the complete finished game of Pret-a-Porter and all the stretch goals that were met.  This was the most popular pledge during the campaign.


You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet

— Christian Dior


  Lastly, there was a third-tier pledge which got you everything from the second tier, but also a beautiful poster featuring the cover art of the game and a signed copy of the game from Ignacy Trzewiczek, the mind behind the idea and owner of Portal Games.  The pledge for this neat bundle was $89 or more.




A Change of Outfit

  There have been many exciting changes over the original 2011 released game that the team at Portal Games have worked on and incorporated into the new third edition.  These changes have been to the rules and state of play, design changes and component changes.  The box cover art alone drew me in and got my attention.


Design Changes
  • Round Track
  • Icons
  • Player Aids
  • Scoring Track
  • Fashion Show Section
  • Many Other Small Changes


Rule Changes
  • Advanced Player Order Variant
  • Contract Cards
  • Revised Victory Point System
  • Bankruptcy
  • Starting Design Cards For Variable Setup


Component Changes
  • Contracts, buildings and employees cards are a larger size
  • Shows cards are changed to cardboard tiles
  • Game board size is increased
  • All cash, trends, PR and quality tokens in the game are larger
  • Custom wooden pieces now represent fabric resources
  • Upkeep costs tokens are changed from cardboard to wooden discs with stickers
  • The round tracker has changed from cardboard to wood
  • The Kickstarter edition will feature a lot of Kickstarter Exclusives




Portal Games

Portal Games Homepage


Portal Games, Swietego Urbana 15, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland


  Founded in Poland in 1999 and owned by Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal Games has a strong team of talented individuals and creative minds.  It has its own art and graphics department, a sales department and a strong arm to the EU and US markets. 


  The Portal Games team live by a commitment to producing high-quality board games that tell stories and are currently the publisher for some award-winning titles such as Neuroshima Hex, First Martians, Cry Havoc and Imperial Settlers.




Fashion Statement

  I’ve never owned or played the original Pret-a-Porter but what I’ve read, seen and watched of this game it looks really well stocked and right up my catwalk.  The box cover artwork is striking and caught my attention with its modern look and good use of colour and style combinations.


  I’m one of the lucky few campaign backers who wanted a taste of this and I like the idea that the game will include a lot of quality components and improvements over the original release.  I agree, the game is very thematic and strangely some concepts and ideas in the game are similar to what my brother and I had in mind for our board game idea in the corporate world of creative advertising, clients and cash!


  I’m looking forward to getting this in October 2019, seeing the inviting colours, check out the upgrades and included components and giving this a full, four-player play through. The new edition looks promising and I’m sure will do as well as the first time around.  The successful Kickstarter campaign and its statistics prove it.


  Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it of some help or interest.  Please feel free to drop a comment about this title, the Kickstarter campaign, the written content or even your own experiences with this genre of game.


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