Ghostbusters Remastered – Feature #2

This image features the four Ghostbusters characters from the movie in the centre, suited up in their grey jumpsuits and two of them firing their orange, red and yellow proton streams to the left and right of the image. Behind them is the towering white Marshmallow Man character standing between city structures eitherside that are in shades of blue. The title “Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered” is overlapped over the characters. The main title is in shades of white, silver and grey, apart from the red and white Ghostbusters logo in the letter “o” position. The smaller sub titles are in shades of white and blue. The overall image is set on a dark black background. A ghostly blue haze of light blasts from behind them. Ghostly spirits are also present looking on from the far left and right of the image in shades of spectral green.

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