Cleanin up the Town – The Ghostbusters Are at It Again



As I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous articles, feel free to read it all here, I am one of those gamers or collectors who will always be partial to purchasing a newly remastered version of a video game, even more so if it’s one I favor.  I can’t recall how I landed on it or found out about the exciting news, but it was an instant spark of surprise and joy when I found out that the Ghostbusters were coming back and cleanin up the town.


It’s true though, discovered from multiple sources and sometime later this year a remastered version of the initial Ghostbusters The Video Game (2009) release is coming to modern consoles and will be available for PC also via The Epic Store.  This title and its purchase will be strengthened for me personally by the fact that it’s Ghostbusters, a 1980s cult movie I love and grew up with, it’ll look great in my collection and it’s a well-made title, and that was back then!



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“Total Protonic Reversal”

Back in 2009 it was Terminal Reality who strapped on the pack and did a great job cleanin up the town developing Ghostbusters The Video Game (2009) for the XBOX360, PlayStation 3 (PS3) and the PC. 


Another development company known as Red Fly Studio worked on a PlayStation 2 (PS2), Nintendo Wii and a PlayStation Portable (PSP) release.  The Publishers behind the title were Atari and Sony Computer Entertainment.


Thinking back to the story and plot to this game, you play the role of a recruit, a rookie in the field and most likely Egon’s experimental weapons guinea pig and technician.  Your character’s name is irrelevant in this game and apart from some interactive facial gestures, doesn’t say much either.


Do you believe in UFO’s, Astral Projections, Mental Telepathy, ESP, Clairvoyance, Spirit Photography, Telekinetic Movement, Full-trance Mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?

— Janine Melnitz


The idea here is to just enjoy being with the Ghostbusters, as part of their team, watching and listening to the usual comic banter between them, the one-liners and various techno babble.  The story insinuates that the Ghostbusters don’t want to get to know you too deeply – just in case, well. . . you know, “pif, paf poof.”




“We’re Ready to Believe You!”

In 1984, the ’80s era when Ghostbusters was first released and shown on the big screen, it presented the audiences with special effects of such wonder that blended quite well into the movie, for its age don’t forget. 

Although, saying that I won’t mention too much about the Statue of Liberty in the sequel, Ghostbusters 2 (1989). 


Both of these great titles, amongst other variants, spin-offs, animated features and releases are still available to buy and on multiple formats to suit the viewer.  Buy your copies below from 365games, embrace the nostalgia and get in the spirit for the new adventure Ghostbusters: Afterlife. (2021)


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Some of those iconic characters, locations, props and ghosts we’ve come to know from the movies make their pixel appearances in the video game.  Slimer presents itself very early on in the story as does Janine Melnitz.  The Library Ghost Lady, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and even Walter Peck also make their own game appearances.


The Ghostbusters headquarters or corner street firehouse is meticulously re-created with various props, items and memorabilia from the movies, oh and including the famous Ecto-1 and its techno-filled roof rack.


Check out the cork pin board in Peter Venkman’s office on the ground floor if you end up wandering around.  The firehouse headquarters also appears on the main menu once the game has loaded up and is accompanied by a familiar music track. 


An early level takes the team back to The Sedgewick Hotel and this too is very realistic and brilliantly re-created from the movie.  I think the elevator alone is a replica and still just as tacky.  Times Square is also featured among other new and interesting locales through the game.




“And We Had the Tools, We Had the Talent!”

As of writing this, there is no firm release date as yet, but the remastered version will fire up sometime later this year.  Saber Interactive is the developer and remastering team behind this supernatural gem.


Looking into their work, have produced the surprise hit World War Z which was released in April 2019 and were also a part of the 4K update for The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt (2015), along with CD Projekt Red.  Their newest addition and soon to be released is Snow Runner. (2020)


It’s all in the details that make this game a true and authentic Ghostbusters adventure and experience.  Starting with the remastered version itself, it’s bound to run better and smoother on the newer, high-performance video games consoles and PC rigs.


From gathered various sources, it is to include and feature full hi-resolution, HD and 4K visuals, a massive cleaner improvement over a ten-year-old title.  The new version will also feature great storytelling, preserved audio from the original, enhanced visuals, graphics, improved textures and better lighting effects.




“Back Off Man, I’m a Scientist”

The detail in the Ghostbusters and their equipment is staggering and even in the 2009 version I was impressed.  The proton pack looks great and well stocked with its “fake electronic light show” which had purpose illuminations for the player, for example, health bars or when to vent the pack.  The pack even features the authentic and original circle lights that loop around the bottom half.


Arm and knee pads, black rubber gloves, tubes, badges and loaded belts with tools and equipment dangling around are all there over the iconic jumpsuits.  In the game you get the chance of using the PKE Meter, Spectral Vision Goggles, the custom-made Ghost Traps and of course the Neutrino Wand.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No job is too big. No fee is too big.

— Dr. Peter Venkman


Weapon upgrades can be obtained as can ghostly information, which is saved in your own copy of Tobin’s Spirit Guide.  The delight and real authenticity is when you pull that controller trigger for the first time and see that bending, waving stream of light, interconnected with bits of blue electricity and its horizontal white light burst near the nozzle and accompanied by the realistic sounds taken from the movie.


It’s like maneuvering a thick elastic band, but extremely fun.  Sporting a weapon like this and in true Ghostbusters style blowing the hell out of widely destructible environments is very invigorating to say the least, as are the ghost trapping experiences.


It’s a great visual effect watching that “mother puss bucket” getting stretched, vacuumed and screeching in a prism of light before being trapped in a box.  A Slime Blower variation weapon can also be used in game as well as the iconic Ecto-1.





“I Love This Plan! I’m Excited to Be a Part of It! Let’s Do It!”

This is an exciting piece of news and I wanted to publish it far and wide.  It’s exciting for video gamers, Ghostbusters fans and collector’s who also have the original version and wish to upgrade.  I’m personally excited for so many reasons, some of which I’ve loosely mentioned above. 

It’ll be a cleaner, smoother, remastered, HD version with extra and enhanced lighting, visual effects and textures.  The game features not only true likenesses to the original actors but their actual voice talents too.




As with the original 2009 version, the game will include actual music and sound effects taken from the movie in order to enhance a players experience being alongside the Ghostbusters.  As an added globule of excitement and surprise, Dan Aykroyd and the late Harold Ramis also aided in script doctoring for the game of which is filled with the usual comic banter and humor as in the Ghostbusters movies.


It is known that some TV and movie licensed games flop badly and are always a gamble for a developer, but this one “really busts some heads, in a spiritual way, of course” and will be a hot purchase for me.  Don’t just take my word though, see it actually in writing in my other post.



Interested or tempted yet by what you’ve seen and read so far?  If so click below and purchase your copy from 365games on either PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

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This video game title is currently in my legacy XBOX360 collection and has never been complete once yet, so it’ll be interesting to not only experience the new big scale boss fights, but to replay this game in its full glory.  Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it of some help or interest.  Please feel free to drop a comment about this title, the written content or even your own experiences with this genre of game.


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