Cheapest ‘PlayStation Plus’ Membership – Back Door Access


  In this article, I wanted to share valuable knowledge about how I managed to purchase a longer lasting ‘PlayStation Plus’ membership and cheaper than the official site.  Through a little research and a bit of patience, I’ve managed to acquire one year and 14 days for the total price of £36.15 instead of the official stated amount I could have paid which is £49.99.  As some of you may know this isn’t the cheapest ‘PlayStation Plus’ membership price out there and it can certainly be tweaked.


  This can normally be done and obtained through a series of steps including likely deals, sales, cashback and codes which I will guide you through in this article and explain the way I did it even though I’m sure there are other ways out there to reduce the price from what it is.  I do however believe that this may be the best way to get the cheapest ‘PlayStation Plus’ membership for a long stint online and at a fraction of the cost, saving you £13.84.




Getting Online & Connected

  As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous articles, “What Game Should I Play? – Insights of a Gamer” I’m not one of the many who enjoy online gaming and experiences and from what experiences I have had through online gaming, I’ve just not really enjoyed it. 


  As of late, I’ve started to heavily play a little more ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (2013) from Rockstar Games, I’m so glad I upgraded from XBOX360 to PlayStation 4 (PS4) as it’s a far superior version.  I forgot how good this title is and how graphically realistic it is too, no wonder I’m hooked again!


  I’ve now ventured into new territory and out of sheer, pure curiosity I have started up the online variant of the game, which starts out as its own story as Lamar meets my avatar, “Frank Martin” from the airport.  To aid me while I build my character and get a feel of the city and surroundings again from an online angle, I’ve decided to use what’s known as a “passive” mode.




Access Denied

  Yesterday, 6 August 2019 my online experience was shortlived as the plug was pulled, not literally though and I was surprised that my access to this whole new online world was now revoked.  I looked into and researched this, finding out that there was a limited “open door” to the online game that closed yesterday.   This was to celebrate the game’s ‘After Hours’ update, which allows players to manage their own semi-legitimate business online and was a lure to get more players involved perhaps.


  I didn’t realise after starting, it never dawned on me that this variation of the story mode game was the version ‘PlayStation Plus’ members are privileged to access.  I’ve never had or used an account/membership of these sorts and puzzlingly when playing ‘Destiny’ (2014) from Bungie this gave me some sort of interaction online with players from all over, despite some areas and arenas being locked for online multiplayer action, which I wasn’t too bothered about.



  I think I expected that ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ would offer or do the same sort of thing, including some online elements wrapped around a story.  I’m not saying I’m addicted to the idea yet nor am I going to eat my words and state I’m loving online gaming experiences, I just feel a little cheated that I’ve not done, seen or experienced enough of the online game and ultimately want more!  This now leads me into the reason for writing this content and to share with others the deal I’ve managed to get.




Hotwired & Savvy Solution

  It was obvious and I knew I may have to spend money for access and visited the official ‘PlayStation Store’ and researched on the web what I needed.  The 12-month membership was the best deal for the money working out less each month than the other options, if you can afford the cost upfront and not spread over a year of course.



  I was put off with the initial £49.99 price tag and went elsewhere looking for alternatives.  I came across a trusted retailer site called, ‘CD Keys’ where I found and located the same membership option as a digital download code and not a tactile piece of cardboard/plastic with a silver panel on the rear ready for scratching.


  As of yesterday (6 August 2019), the price was listed as £37.99 which works out at about £3.17 per month.  From here I took a visit to ‘Quidco’ another trusted website and one I’ve been using and have been a part of since around 2010. 

  This site offers five percent cash back for “new customers” making their first purchase at ‘CD Keys’ which I’ve never done and therefore qualify.  This is subject to any changes.




  ‘Quidco‘ does warn you before you link to ‘CD Keys’ that “although most merchants will offer cashback on full basket amounts, some will only offer cashback on the amount after any VAT, charges, fees, taxes and surcharges.”  When I received the email from ‘Quidco’ after the transaction, it seems like this is the case as £1.84 has been tracked which is five percent of £36.81 and not of £37.99.

  Never the less this amount will get back to me and will net against the £37.99 I paid, resulting in a year membership for a total of £36.15 as stated above.




Extended Source Code

  I’ve completed the transaction now and have the code via email ready to use at my convenience.  Firstly, in order to really extend my stay in the online community and gather what deals I can through the journey, I’ve also opted for the ‘14-day free trial.’ This was found simply staring at me in the ‘PlayStation Store,’ once this has expired I’ll add the purchased code and will have the full 12 months membership from then.



  I’ve yet to decide what I’ll do when it all runs out and expires.  I’ve been a PlayStation 4 (PS4) owner for years now and have never had a ‘PlayStation Plus’ membership, never thought I needed one, wanted one or would use one.  Will this extended taste change my gaming habits?  Will I revert to what I had before and simply pull the plug?  Can I afford to keep it going?  I’ll answer all of these questions at some point in the future and perhaps, let you all know.  Watch this space and keep this connection live!




System Exploited

  It’s in my character not to take things at face value, especially the price of goods and services.  I always like to investigate, research and dig deeper.  I thrive off the challenge of making savings and getting more for the money I am investing.  There are a lot of options out there to shave costs whether they are deals, promo and voucher codes, affiliate connections or straightforward cashback sites.



  You have to change your purchasing mindset, have some patience and think of the reward you’ll get for less once the transaction works out.  There’s nothing nicer to see than a code you’ve found working and netting against the total in your online shopping basket.  My article here, one of many I hope shows the possibilities that are out there and putting you, the customer in the driving seat and driving costs down.


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    I was going to give you some feedback at WA, and I still am, but this I didn’t want to forget. I know it’s a relatively small thing, however, it was because I saw similarities in you and me that made me do this. In your second paragraph of this page which is pasted below, you have 1 too many Be’s.
    (This can be normally be done)

    Your site looks good, crisp and clean. Sharp looking, I like it. That’s why I had to tell you about that little boo boo ! Things like that bug me; and if someone saw it, and didn’t tell me, especially, while they are giving my site a critic, I would have been disappointed.

    Other than that I really like your site. I enjoy playing slots and a game every once in a great while but nothing like you do. So honestly, much of this stuff I don’t even fully understand but what I do understand I like.

    So there you have it. Things like that just grab my attention, especially, when it’s someone else’s work!

    Thanks for allowing me to comment on your site.


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    HI 2 you David,

    Many thanks for visiting the site, taking a look over the article and submitting your comments. All feedback is welcome and I cannot believe that what you’ve pointed out slipped through the net, that’s very unlike me but has now been firmly addressed and rectified. Sometimes it really does help having fresh eyes looking at your posts. Many thanks once again.


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