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Once again I’ve taken the idea of sharing my thoughts and insights to possible future purchases and look-outs by means of another wishlist formatted article.  Away from mains powered entertainment, this one will feature board games to buy and have either been an instant love, an attraction and excitement over them or have carefully been screened and researched into.


Obviously I’m into all manner of home and indoor entertainment and so board games are just as important to me as a good lone session of video gaming.  I think board games are especially great for promoting a more social interaction these days in an age where we all link to others via apps, online and through social feeds more often than a good Sunday afternoon tabletop game after a family meal. 


This wishlist is a visual reference to me to remind me of which board games to buy but also acts as an interesting insight into my choices, reasons and excitement behind the title.  You will find a brief outline or synopsis of each title here along with other visuals to promote the title more.  I’ve also included the same rating system as with my first video games wishlist formatted article.


Thank you for reading this introduction, I hope you’ll find the content below of some interest or help.  Please feel free to drop a comment below about this entertainment topic, the included content or even your own thoughts on future products and purchases.





Release Date – 14 October 2019

Publishers – Ravensburger

Players – 2-4

Age – 12+

Playing Time – 60 Minutes

Genre – Thematic, movie-based, sharks, fighting, nautical




This game is played out over a small tabletop board that represents Amity Island, the location featured in the movie equivalent.  Firstly, players decide who wants to be a character and who will be the killer shark.  The characters to choose from are the main three protagonists from Jaws, Brody, Hooper and Quint as they were known and addressed.  Each character is given specific tokens to use within the game, for example, both Hooper and Quint get boats and other gadgets, Brody gets “Beach Closed” signs and binoculars.


The game itself is split into two acts, the first being on the island where the various events, actions and movements are played out.  The second act focuses in on The Orca, Quint’s fishing boat and the characters are a little more involved in the demise of the shark.  The idea of the game in the first act, from the characters point of view, is that they have to try and spot the shark and attach two barrels to it and who will keep on secretly surfacing for lunch and giving the characters the chase around the island’s coastline.


The sharks objective is to roam the waters in secret using a movement chart and special ability shark tokens and devouring swimmers and bathers.  At the same time, the shark must avoid any sensor barrels already placed in the water and avoid being detected.


Once the characters or shark have reached their act one objective the board is flipped and set-up for the final encounter.  The characters will gain a mix of ranged or melee weapons and rules when and how to use them.  The shark also gains it’s helpful aids and then it’s an all-out fishing trip to the end. 


The characters have to predict where the shark will appear around the vessel and attack, obviously as the act unfolds the boat becomes less and less with each shark attack damage.  The shark will circle the heroes popping up here and there to eliminate them, will Brody survive this time?



Purchase Insights

This game was another one of those titles that missed my sonar and rose to the surface without me knowing.  A nice little surprise catch from Ravensburger who is the company that comes to mind when I think about puzzles and family jigsaws interestingly.  As soon as I saw a box of cards and components with a lid stating Jaws, well that got me hooked for starters as it was going to be a thematic game based on the nostalgic movie I so love. 


The last time I ever heard of or even played a Jaws game was the spring-loaded dexterity game of the same title from Ideal in 1975, where you had to lift junk from the shark’s mouth without it snapping on you and very similar in vein to Operation from MB Games back in the ’80s.


I’ve already looked into this game, watched it play and seen the components up close.  I do like the thematic feel of the title, the chase of the dangerous and elusive shark idea and the Orca scarily sinking and submerging from under you while the killer shark circles you.  I even like the method how the shark moves around the board within the first part/act of the game and that secrecy idea is a cool mechanic. 


The cards themes and pictures are straight from the movie and props that were used have been meticulously captured correctly, I do love the little “Beach Closed” and it’s all these details that suck me into the appeal of this game even though it has a simplicity to it compared to other titles.


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