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If you’re looking for that next popular game or hit title and want a great deal on price, service and delivery then find the time to check out my recommended board games store, Zatu Games.  A powerhouse retailer in the board games industry with a smooth, well-oiled operation based in Norwich and with a fantastic, clean online presence.  Founded in 2016, Zatu Games started as a family run business with a vision to becoming the biggest and best board game retailer.


As a young UK retailer, what they lack in age they make up for with an amazing amount of products and stock.  They have over 7000 board games and collectables, ship worldwide and attend various events and conventions across Europe, spreading their brand name and five-star reputation as a number one board games store. 


Zatu Games are a source of unbiased information in the shape of a friendly, passionate team and extensive blogs, reviews, top ten’s and previews of products.  Featured content is created by team members, guest bloggers and the general community.


Their mission is to bring games to the table that appeal to everyone, sell top quality board games, collectables and merchandise at great prices, bringing customers the best and latest games and showing a determination and fresh look to the world of board games whilst spreading the word that they are the future!




It’s a Number’s Game

Zatu Games specialise in various products of indoor entertainment and stock board games, video games, trading card games, various miniatures, puzzles, assorted books and accessories.  They stock over 15,000 games offering worldwide shipping as mentioned above and even next day delivery if ordered by 6 pm (UK local time).  They also stock a wealth of successful Kickstarter games totalling over 40 titles.


They have a vast range of 20,000 plus games available on their website which can be delivered and collected from the store via their click and collect option when purchasing and offer a 60 day returns policy across all their sales.  Customers are free to review and pass on their feedback online, their satisfaction with the service, price and product brought is what has given Zatu Games their five- star reputation (4.89 rounded up) over 11,589 reviews as of today, 2 September 2020.




What’s on the Menu

One of the exciting features of Zatu Games is its inclusion of a board game cafe, which you hear dotted around here and there throughout the UK and Europe. 


You are encouraged to pop in, explore the site and buy the most popular games, re-discover old classics and favourites and check out the latest new releases.  A friendly team member is always there to assist or demonstrate a game.


Zatu Games have an extensive board game library at their cafe and is filled with over 250 plus games, allowing players to try before they buy.  Click here to browse the library.  There is an assortment of party games, gateway games, classic games and game-marathon-games to play in-store.  There is a friendly relaxed atmosphere within and you can even showcase your gaming skills in one of their organised leagues or tournaments.


The cafe serves a variety of food and drinks, both hot and cold for you to enjoy when in-store playing out a game with friends or other players and simply having a fun time.  There are toilet facilities and free wifi connection also available in store.




Onsite Gaming – Pay and Play

A fair pay and play set-up has been organised on the main shop’s tables and is as follows:

Adults – £2 per session
Students/Kids – £1 per session
Bring your own games – FREE


Fancy some privacy?  Rent out one of our private rooms for your group:

VIP Room 1 – £5 per hour
VIP Room 2 – £4 per hour




Deals and Discounts – What’s on Offer

I wanted to take the opportunity to share content about the various deals and discounts this merchant offers which you can make use of to reduce your costs on board game purchases.  These deals and discounts are what I’ve fished out and read as of today, 2 September 2020 so may be around for a while or pulled at the discretion of the store.


Zatu Games Voucher Codes

Buy 3, get 3% off – use code BOARD3, Buy 5, get 5% off – use code BOARD5





Zatu Event Loyalty Cards

The brand new loyalty cards reward repeated participation in events.
That’s right, you’re being rewarded for having fun! Gain stamps for every event attended and once you hit four, you will be rewarded… and then again at eight.  After that, get a brand new card and start earning freebies all over again.  The best part? This card is completely FREE.



Zatu Games Outlet

A great range of imperfect games at cheaper prices.  Click here.





Zatu Family Membership

Volunteer at the cafe running events to be a part of the Zatu Family. By running an event per month, you will be offered amazing perks that any gaming enthusiast just cannot do without. Being part of the Zatu family entitles you to 15% off in-store on products, events, snacks and cold drinks. 50% off hot food and hot drinks and you will also receive 10% off purchases on the online store.



Click here for access to Quidco and sign up for FREEZatu Games Cashback

Sign up for FREE to Quidco via my other post and earn up to 2.29% cash back on purchases (as of 2 September 2020).  Click here.





Zatu Club Membership

Join the exciting new Zatu Club to gain access to exclusive, awesome discounts. Get 10% off everything in the store!  That includes all products, food, drink & events. All for only £5 a year!  Grab your membership in the store today. Kids and students pay just £1.




Zatu Games Super Sale 

A super range of products with huge reductions.  Click here.





All Boxed Up

This blog is just a small yet detailed insight into one of the many independent board game and indoor entertainment retailers in the UK. They possess a lot more character than places like Amazon who stock pretty much anything and probably don’t have a personal touch on anything they sell.  Zatu Games is run professionally and friendly and it’s all about the games.


They have the experience and the knowledge of their products and cater to all players and gamer levels, keeping their prices competitively low.  They’ve got a great store and online presence, a solid customer base, a fully functioning and stocked board game cafe and strong gaming community following them. 


Although a young company their branding is getting stronger and I for one recommend checking them out, browse their online site or make a purchase with the above discounts promoted.  Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it of some help or interest. Please feel free to drop a comment about Zatu Games, the written content or even your own experiences with online or retail board game stores.

8 thoughts on “Board Games Store – Zatu Games

  • 22/09/2020 at 19:36

    This is surely a very good one to see here and I value all you have shared in here in total. Well worthy  to see here and I believe that this can make the whole difference for us. Well, this zatu games store is actually interesting and the fact that there is option for onsite gaming which can be a perfect getaway with friends to explore it. Thank you for sharing out here with us

    • 23/09/2020 at 20:00

      Good evening Nath, thanks for your comments firstly, really appreciated.  I enjoyed writing up the content for Zatu Games, an independent games retailer based in the UK that also offer an online service.  The idea and concept of Zatu Games and their service provided goes beyond just a store.  I like the idea of the board game cafe feature, offering drinks, snacks, hot and cold food and a chance to book tables and rooms for indoor play and friendly get togethers.  As you can see by the content of the post, they offer all sorts of incentives and cheap prices on games, not to mention stocking Kickstarter games.  I’ve used them myself and can’t recommend them enough for game enthusiasts.

  • 22/09/2020 at 19:36

    One for the things that keeps me so close with my family is the game time that we share together, if helps in bond better and most rikwa, board games is what we play because they are intellectual and interesting. It’s good to know about Zatu, I’ll check out more about the store and see some of their board games.

    • 23/09/2020 at 19:55

      Many thanks for your comments Bruce.  I agree, right off the bat that board and card games keep families and friends close and are good social and bonding past-times.  As you’re aware the world is filled with more techincal gadgets and gizmos that either need a long-lasting battery or a plug these days.  Social norms are fast fingers, bowed heads, video game controllers and social networking over smartphones, emails and video chat.  The art of conversation, family get togethers and family meals seems to be lost, what do you think?

      I for one am always trying to steer clear from video games when entertaining guests or am with my family.  I always try to promote and encourage a board game or some poker, anything that will bring us together and back to old school ways of playing and interacting.  Fun can still be had, wasting away a few hours or so in a cardboard reality.

  • 22/09/2020 at 19:37

    Hello there, this is one complete deals and I really like the fact that people can come up with such a great idea that most of us can really enjoy playing games. I have never heard about ZATU games before now and looking at the program it’s just a complete package. I really like the idea of loyalty cards that is given out. Cheers

    • 23/09/2020 at 19:47

      Thanks for commenting Justin, really appreciate your interaction.  Zatu Games is one of those independent, retailer stores that adds a personal touch for their customers, compared to the huge companies that deal with so many people and purchases, can only send you generic emails and offer you a lousy service.  I just wanted to clarify that Zatu Games is a UK based games retailer and not a program as you stated.  They sell a wide range of games, including new releases and Kickstarters and as you pointed out offer customers a lot with their personal touches and board game cafe.  If you’re ever in the market for a card or board game Justin, give them a whirl and price compare.

  • 22/09/2020 at 19:37

    As a big fan of board games, I am happy that I am able to learn about this very good company whose vision for good games is really awesome. I’m also very happy that you can make a list like this one that tells a lot about the company and the kind of games that they will be making. I’ll be looking to patronize them sometime. Thanks!

    • 23/09/2020 at 19:39

      Thank you for commenting on this post.  As Zatu Games is one of my affiliated merchants for my site, I decided to look into what they are all about and wrote about them, opening up the details to the readers like yourself.  I hope that by creating the content it promotes and exposes the store well and in a good light.  Their prices and service are top notch as I’ve personally dealt with them and although a young retail company, they’ve certainly made their mark.  What sort of games are you into and how many do you have in your collection, I wonder?


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