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In October 2019 I once again took to Kickstarter in the market for a new tabletop game with a difference and found a title of a project that seemed very original, a well-themed ancient Greece board game and a creative idea based on the debating philosophers of the era.  Once my interests were stirred with all the introductions, information, a look at prototype components and what was to be included, browsing soon turned to buy.


The email arrived on 3 October 2019 confirming that I was a loyal backer of Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise.  I have received a recent shipping update for all Kickstarter backers in the EU and Australia, stating that the games have reached the fulfilment partner in the UK (GamesQuest) and will start to be sent forward from 8 June 2020.  The wait has been long, the beard is longer and I stand in white robes watching a setting sun and each new day rise until my gift of wisdom arrives.  Wise words indeed.





The Kickstarter Odyssey

Since joining in April 2016, I’ve visited and engaged with Kickstarter quite a few times now and have purchased the following, Tesla vs Eddison (2015) from Artana LLC, Tesla vs Eddison: Powering Up! Expansion (2016) from Artana LLC, Speakeasy Blues (2018) from Artana LLC, Pret-a-Porter (2010) from Portal Games and now this ancient Greece board game Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise.


There have been many other interesting and exciting Kickstarter board game projects and titles over time, some of which can be purchased from the Kickstarter collection at Zatu Games


The overall funding period lasted between 10 September 2019 and 10 October 2019 and yet still has the option for any late pledges.  Five-hundred and ninety-six backers pledged a total of £39,186 of a £20,000 goal and five-hundred and thirty of them, including myself opted for “The Full Philosophia Experience” which includes one copy of the game and all stretch goals met.


Any updates about the project were sent to backers so that we could all monitor the creative journey.  It got more exciting once a board game trailer was launched and images of the prototype components came about.  I’ve always found that there is a sense and feeling of achievement when I’m involved in a Kickstarter project.






Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise is co-designed by two teachers in the UK, Joseph Nicholas Adams and Madeleine Cole and also illustrated by Joseph Nicholas Adams.  The game has been created and published through Cogito Ergo Meeple who create and develop big box and beautiful games that are fast-paced, play well with one to six players and have exciting, dramatic and organic endings. 


Their games also contain a part of the philosophy and settings of each title which is visible here in this game and their new upcoming release, Philosophia: Floating World set in feudal Japan and which takes to Kickstarter in summer 2020.


This Euro-style game is an epic, odyssey, sandbox adventure set in ancient Greece, each player portraying one of the six greatest thinkers of the time, Aristotle, Plato, Homer, Sophocles, Heraclitus and Socrates.  In an age of surrounding city-states and valuable ancient wisdom, players will try to forge a destiny and attempt to prove that they are the sharpest and greatest mind of the era and in a game of dare to be wise.


Players will use modern game mechanics that closely tie into the game theme to create a satisfying and streamlined gaming experience.  Each player will have the opportunity to build schools, battle it out in public debates, learn new profound wisdom, gain support and a following of your ideas, hire builders and make deals with the Olympic Gods themselves.


Players will have thirteen different actions they can choose from after they’ve moved to create a strategy and secure a victory.  Because of this, Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise has been designed to be re-playable with a variation in character powers that means asymmetric play, multiple victory paths and conditions and three levels of difficulty in a featured solo play mode.




Philosophia: Dare to Be Digital

Whether you’ve already backed this game on Kickstarter, own it already, know about it or just want to play it there are quite a few options and resources an interested player can tap into that I’ve found out about and put together.  Below are some of the games digital assets that you can explore.  Visit the official website for more details on what’s available.



Immersive Entertainment Soundtrack

It’s a fact that a themed game CD soundtrack is included in Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game (2007) and Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game (2011) both designed by Jason C. Hill and published by Flying Frog Productions. 


The same has been done here for Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise, not as an included CD but rather a compiled collection of themed tracks with titles like, Nomads, God Fury and Epic Journey, which have been split into main game music and tracks to play during the final debate.  Access this background music here.




This is a multi-platform digital environment with instant access to hundreds of licensed games and is an online arena for playing traditional board games and exciting titles.  Tabletopia works through many modern desktop browsers on Windows and Mac operating systems and is ready to be set-up and played here.



Tabletopia Mobile

This platform, as you may have guessed is also available on the smaller screens and is available from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Click below for access.

Click here and get it on Google Play                  Click here to download on the Apple App Store




Tabletop Simulator

This option requires you to download the simulator from the Steam store before play, however once done, Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise can be played freely whenever you wish.  Click here for access.



Digital Print & Play

As the title suggests, you can even get a bit inventive and arty by downloading the PDF formatted file to play from a digital print and play version.  Click here for access.



What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

– Pericles (circa 495-429 BCE)


Video Gallery

There is a wealth of created videos from guides, previews, information updates, content and unboxings.  Click here for access.




“I Think, Therefore, I Am… Finished.”

There are enough components and cardboard in this box to keep me going until the next title whets my appetite. It was the last quarter of 2019 I purchased this and as mentioned above, delivery of the product won’t be too far away now.  I’m looking forward to playtesting this game with others and try out the solo variant too.


What steered me towards this game was an interest in the theme and the originality of the idea.  I do seek the unusual and unique if possible and if Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise plays well enough, I’d sure be interested in the forthcoming release to Kickstarter, Philosophia: Floating World as stated above.


I am excited to play this and although I have watched a playthrough video and seen the components, there isn’t a better feeling than peeling back the factory plastic wrap, having a close up look inside the box, pop out the cardboard punchboards and having a relaxed read of my instruction booklet.


Updated on 16 June 2020.  I am now happy to announce that my copy of Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise arrived yesterday via UK mail services.  It came well packaged and there’s nothing nicer than the smell of new cardboard or the punching out of components, once opened.  I’ve got as far as bagging up the components, creating player start bags, as mentioned in my other article and made a start reading and understanding the rulebook. 


It was exciting to receive a first edition copy and a proud moment, as an initial Kickstarter backer and project supporter.  Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it of some help or interest. Please feel free to drop a comment about this title, the written content or even your own experiences with Kickstarter.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Greece Board Game – Philosophia: Dare to Be Wise

  • 29/06/2020 at 16:15

    I am a huge fan of board games and this Ancient Greece Board Game looks real good. I would love to see a video on how this is actually played as I have searched youtube for it and was not able to find any. Maybe that’s because it is a new game and not a lot of people have gotten their hands on it yet but it would still be fun to see. Do you think I can probably see that on Kickstarter as it looks really good?

    • 29/06/2020 at 18:19

      Many thanks for visiting and commenting on my article.  I enjoyed the write up of this and as mentioned towards the end of the post, my own copy has finally arrived too.  It is a new game product and has only just started to get shipped to all Kickstarter backers of the project.  Maybe in time it will be available in retail and online stores.  If you wish to see how the game plays out or you wish to see more than just the trailer, the resources are on in the post.

      You’ll find a teaser trailer towards the start of the article, more than likely the first video you come to and then furthur down the article there are some Greek scrolls that are left-aligned with icons on them and working links.  Look for the scroll with the happy and sad theatre masks on it.  You’ll find that this links you to the YouTube channel of the designers at Cogito Ergo Meeple and a wealth of videos of this game.


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