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“Winter is coming, it’s getting darker earlier outside and everyone just wants to feel safe, warm and cosy indoors. Maybe the skies are gloomy and gray, a downpour of rain imminent. A child sits in a bay window with a teddy bear held close watching the droplets of rain streak down the window, nothing to do, bored and with limited options? 


Founder of 'HI2Entertainment'A group of friends elsewhere are sheltering from the bitter winds and are enjoying each other’s company, discussing a fun and social focal point to bring them together.  A lone warrior fights his way through a storm with his trusty steed and sword in hand, glowing with magic as a user manipulates a game pad in order to control his avatar movements and ultimately, his fate.”


Hello, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Steve and welcome to my website Hi2Entertainment.com, a first of its kind resource and information hub and a journey into the vast world of indoor hobbies, interests, entertainment and pastimes. 

Although I feel I’m an extrovert type of person I’ve always enjoyed and had a passion for indoor entertainment rather than any outdoor pursuits and have done so for many years since I was young.




Entertainment: A Retrospective

There is a vast spectrum of things to do indoors, at home, alone, with friends or family that warrants entertainment as well as simply passing the time.


The life cycle of indoor entertainment has moved from the simple, the creative and imaginative, through battery powered and has reached into the likes of AC powered entertainment.


Entertainment services like magicians, party hosts, clowns or scientists are all considered too.  Entertainment is a broad umbrella word that covers all sorts of indoor interests, hobbies, services and pastimes and this website will hopefully reflect on all of these eventually at some point.


Some entertainments are passive, like crosswords, wordsearches or video gaming which gives the player an opportunity to get lost in a virtual world of pixels and engaging story lines, creating an alternative avatar or becoming a different person for a while.  Others are creative that keeps the person quiet and engaged in anything from drawing, art and crafts, baking to construction sets and modeling.


Other types of entertainment lean on more social engagements like board games, puzzles, party games, parlor games and cards.  The entertainment services available as you can imagine are mainly for children, providing them with magic shows, party hosts, science experiments or balloon bending clowns.




The Early Years

Through my younger years I’ve found enjoyment and entertainment with toys, games, arts and crafts as well as construction sets.


I didn’t have my first computer or computer game until some point in the late 1980s, at a guess!  As with most children I had endless hours of fun with drawing, coloring books, puzzles and construction kits.


Toys were a big thing for me too back then with a big interest and collection in all things Star Wars and M.A.S.K, I think Transformers were in there too.  The days of online shopping weren’t realized back then and my Mother had to use catalogs and mail order to secure me the Millennium Falcon starfreighter from London and see a young boy’s face light up one Christmas, this was a big thing back in its day.


I have always been a creative individual from school onward and remember other pupils asking me to draw them things many times as their own art and design skills weren’t on par, I guess.  I won many drawing, design, poster and LEGO competitions for my efforts in these creative times.




Bourne Creative

LEGO really did keep me busy back in the day and I had a strong plastic bag full of various sets I’d acquired through the years.


It was a lot of fun to see all the pieces tumble and empty on the floor ready for an afternoon’s session of building, but deflating when packing it all back up!  Even worse was finding small lights and blocks embedded in the carpet during the week to follow.


I recall building the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters (1984) and kept it intact for months as I didn’t want to lose such a masterpiece.  In order to apply another layer of realism, what stickers and decals I didn’t have, I created from paper and stuck on the vehicle with sticky tape.


A movie set that included hidden camera dollies, crash mats, stunt ramps and false shop fronts was one project once as was a whole Police Academy (1984) playset also created at some point from various LEGO starter plates and featured key locations and characters from the movies and a few Police cars to use. 


Once again, all this was kept for months under my bed until I got bored and needed a new challenge.  One of which had a bitter ending and that was my first attempt at the Delorean time machine from Back to The Future, (1985) which I decided to spray up with deodorant to imitate the “frosting / air cold” effect of the vehicle when it had been through time.  As you can imagine once demolished, there were many months after this build where I would still taste the spray on the bricks and pieces! Urgh!


Besides playing the usual outdoor, imaginative role-playing games, over time I started to create my own indoor board games.  Very crude but imaginative and as you can guess all artwork and drawings I did myself, yes, every card as back in the day I had no access to printers and only my imagination. 


I recall a few of my self-made titles, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Back to the Future Part II, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker and Back to the Future Part III.  I also created and supplied the artwork for a school teacher’s project called, Shop.  There may have been more here and there but they were short-lived ideas.


Most of my childhood note and sketch books were full of television and movie characters, action scenes and various vehicles.  As time passed and my creative juices and hobbies changed I found myself dabbling in the painting of board game miniatures and have made a start with my Brother on another “slow-burning” board game project.




Entertainment Direction

My forte and main passion these days is in the gaming world both of the board, card and video types as well as getting involved in acting, performance and entertainment productions, from time to time.


In a more technical world, where social interaction is mainly online and through a screen I feel its nice to gather together and get back to basics with entertainment. 


More interaction, more fun, more sociable and more rewarding.  There’s also a possibility people are starting to realize the dangers now and indoor entertainment will possibly take a turn and unplug.  Keeping the above in mind, I want to help people realize what’s out there in the market besides Buckaroo and Monopoly and feature the many ways to have fun and enjoyment, night or day, alone or with others.


A Nostalgic era to the modern day, Hi 2 Entertainment is a hub and resource for information and entertainment ideas for all occasions and audiences and I want it to help, inform, inspire and suggest.  The content I will be discussing will also feature the likes of news, reviews, instructional help and trends.


Many thanks for reading, now let me entertain you

All the best



 Founder of Hi 2 Entertainment


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